Our History

From its inception in the early 90s LitSoft has built a wide range of software technologies and products used by Motorola and other technology companies. The team leader and main developers have level 3 CMMI (Capability Maturity Model Integrated) certification for its software development process and levels 4 and 5 for its practices.

1990 - 1999

Algebraic Programming System (joint project with Ukrainian Academy of Sciences)

1999 - 2016

Software Verification tools and services (12 projects with Motorola, tools are used in more than 150 industrial projects in telecommunication, automotive systems, networking, and microprocessing).

Stock Exchange Automation systems (used by Ukrainian Stock Exchange).

Tools for Source Code Transformation (reverse engineering and source-to-source porting of legacy software used by a number of companies in the US).

Formal methods in model-based testing.

2016 - present

The algebraic approach in cyber-security (detection of malware and analysis of vulnerabilities). 

Research projects with verification and testing of cyber-physical systems.

Model-driven development of safety-critical systems. 


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