SymTech Platform

SymTech (Symbolic Modeling) platform includes a number of system and libraries for implementation of the algebraic formal methods and integration with other program systems.
APS (Algebraic Programming system), IMS (Insertion Modeling System) – intended for creation of prototypes in APLAN language for checking of hypothesis and debugging of algebraic algorithms. It is work with Behavior Algebra specifications and uses the methods of symbolic computations. Open source and free system: Algebraic Programming System APS.

Algebraic server – contain libraries with symbolic modeling engine, predicate transformers properties and operations, simplification libraries and interface with solving and proving machines of third-parties, slicing.

Invariant generation library – is a library that contains algorithms of invariant generation based on double approximation methods.
Model-based testing methods library contains the implementation of algebraic methods of testing (forward and backward black-box testing, white-box testing, integration and regression testing).
Cybersecurity tools – algebraic matching, model matching, resolving of behavior algebra expressions, trace matching, algebraic fuzzing,
Language migration transformations – conversion to behavior algebra from C, VHDL, UML, UCM, x86 assembler.

Machine Learning libraries – machine learning of vulnerability patterns, malware detection.

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